CALD C - Managing Culturally Diverse Teams

The course is designed to promote awareness of the complexity of culture and values and how cultural differences can get in the way of successful interactions in teamwork. It will help explore strategies that support managing culturally diverse teams in more inclusive ways.

Audience: It is intended for managers leading culturally diverse teams in primary, secondary care, or the NGO sector.

Duration: 2 hours for remote face-to-face training (maximum 25 participants).

At the end of the course participants will be able to:

  • Understand the value dimensions that cause barriers to effective cross-cultural interaction.
  • Recognise own culture and values.
  • Identify strategies that enable effective working relationships in a diverse team.
  • Develop skills for building trust.
  • Gain skills in culturally mindful management.

It is highly recommended that learners also view the supplementary resource "Toolkit for Health Workforce Working in a Culturally Diverse Workplace"

We also have a range of highly recommended supplementary HTML Online Resources for "Working with CALD Patients" that can be accessed via the eCALD® account:

Other highly recommended PDF downloadable supplementary resources for "Working with CALD Patients" are available under the Cross-Cultural Resources section:

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