eCALD® Enhancing Cultural Competence

This video describes the increasing diversity of the population and the health workforce. It presents views from health practitioners about their cross-cultural experience and why cultural competence is essential and more.

eCALD® Courses and Resources

This video promotes the range of eCALD® courses and resources available on the site.

CALD 1 - Culture and Cultural Competency

The aim of the course is to increase your awareness of your cultural background and those of others’ cultures.

CALD 2 - Working with Migrant Patients

The aim of this course is to build practitioner’s awareness of the settlement challenges faced by migrants.

CALD 3 - Working with Refugees Patients

The aim of this course is to help you work better with refugee patients during consultations.

CALD 4 - Working with Interpreters

The aim of this course is to provide the necessary knowledge and skills to help you work more effectively with trained interpreters.

CALD 7 - Working with Religious Diversity

The aim of this course is to ensure learners are aware of religious diversity and know how to assess and accommodate the spiritual/religious needs of patients and families.

CALD 8 - Working with CALD Families - Disability Awareness

The aim of this course is to introduce you to the challenges of working with cultural beliefs around disability that impact on treatment and interventions.

CALD 9 - Working in a Mental Health Context with CALD Clients

The aim of this course is to develop your skills to enhance collaborative interventions with your client and their family and gain better treatment compliance.