Remote face-to-face training

With the escalation of COVID-19 response to a stricter social distancing requirement, eCALD® services is offering remote or distance learning face-to-face delivery option to learners who still prefer the face-to-face interactions with an educator. This option is in addition to our already available suite of online (e-earning)  CALD courses.

We are pleased to advise that we have converted our current scheduled list of face-to-face in-person courses and replaced it with a list of remote face-to-face CALD courses between now to June 2020. NB: this course type could become an additional delivery option even after June 2020 to ensure we continue to meet the need for social distancing.

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This means you can join the remote face-to-face training with an educator virtually via video conferencing (Zoom) if that's your preference or it is because of compliance with the COVID-19 social distancing requirement.

  • Access via a desktop computer (PC) or laptop or tablet or smartphone.
  • Internet access with good quality wifi with at least 25 Mbps or above to support streaming activity.
  • It is recommended that you have a quiet space with a headphone.
  • Access via a tablet or a smartphone is only recommended if you have printed the workbook and handouts provided to you before the remote course. This is because we will be referring to these teaching materials throughout the session.

Check the eCALD® course calendar for a list of available remote face-to-face courses.


If you have an existing eCALD® user account, you can:

  • login with your email and password, if you have forgotten your password, click the FORGOT PASSWORD link
  • go to MAKE AN ENROLMENT page
  • click the REMOTE FACE-TO-FACE tab
  • a list of available remote F2F courses with dates and times will appear
  • click the Enrol button for the course of your choice
  • if needed, update the Enrol page when prompted, then SUBMIT the enrolment for approval
  • the course enrolment will appear on your dashboard as 'PENDING ENROLMENT'
  • you will be notified by email when the enrolment is approved.
  • The conference link, conference ID password, workbook and handout(s) will be made available on the dashboard of your eCALD® account 3-4 days before the course date.
  • We will email remind you to go into your eCALD® account once the conference link, workbook, and handout(s) are posted in your account.
  • We recommend that you print the workbook and handout(s) before the training start especially if you are using a smartphone or tablet to join the training.
  • For those using a desktop computer (PC) or laptop to join the training, you can view the PDF workbook and handout(s) during the training session.

NB: it is recommended that you join the session at least 15 minutes before the start time to get yourself set up.

Using your device:

  • click the conference link to join the video conference
  • enter the ID/password when prompted
  • click the OPEN.ZOOM.US when prompted
    • if this is the first time you have used Zoom you may need to download the application
  • click JOIN WITH COMPUTER AUDIO when prompted
  • when you see your name appearing on a black screen, move your mouse to the bottom of the screen to view OPTIONS
  • select the following OPTIONS to get started:
    • click the MUTE button to change to UNMUTE and when prompted click to JOIN COMPUTER AUDIO, this allows you to discuss, ask questions or respond to the group or trainer using the computer audio system
    • click the START VIDEO button, this allows you the trainer and the group to see you instead of your name
    • click the CHAT button, this allows the trainer to ask or respond to the group; or for you to ask and respond to the trainer/group.
    • at the end of the training, click the LEAVE MEETING button to end the session. NB: If you are leaving the session earlier, type a message to the trainer on the Chat box that you have to leave the session earlier to alert the trainer.
  • We will send you an email after we have updated our learning management system with your attendance status.
  • On the email you will be required to click a link to complete an only EVALUATION FORM.
  • Once the EVALUATION FORM is submitted and processed, your certificate of attendance will be generated and made available in your eCALD account under the CERTIFICATES tab.
  • The certificate will be in PDF format for you to view, print, or save.