CALD 7 - Working with Religious Diversity
  • 4 hours (CME/CNE/MOPS accredited) for classroom / face-to-face training
  • 3 hours (CME/CNE/MOPS accredited) for online self-paced, self-reflective, interactive learning

This course is intended for anyone working in primary care, secondary care or mental health services. Faith and religion is one of the most significant components of cultural practice, and religious beliefs can have a critical impact on a patient and their family’s healthcare decisions. The aim of this course is for health practitioners to gain the skills and understandings needed to develop religio-cultural competency.

  • Gain an understanding for developing religio-cultural competent practice when working with CALD patients of diverse faiths and religious practices
  • Gain knowledge about selected religious beliefs and practices, and the affect they have on health, behaviour, and wellness
  • Develop skills to enhance interventions and treatment compliance
  • Know how to raise religion in a sensitive manner to gather the information needed to aid effective healthcare

On completing this course you will have more knowledge about a range of religious beliefs and practices from Islam, Sikhism, Hinduism and Buddhism. You will have a better understanding of the influence of religious beliefs on patients and their families’ health, behaviour, and wellness; and have developed new skills to enhance your health interventions and patient compliance with treatment plans

Very interesting-valuable learning experience, a must for all employees

Excellent course. Learned valuable information re religions

Excellent opportunity for learning more about different religions/beliefs and gain increase in understanding around the value of this to better support patients and their experiences

A most useful addition to the CALD learning material. A valuable resource and then I shall recommend to as many people as possible

I like the set up of the on line learning, this subject was particularly interesting and well presented

This module was interesting taking into consideration the requirements of someone's faith and religious belief

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