Caring for Asian Children [supplement]

Highly recommended that viewers/readers have completed:
CALD 1 - Culture and Cultural Competency

Title: Caring for Asian Children: Culture and Health - A Resource for Health Providers

This resource is written for health providers caring for Asian children and young people and their families.

The purpose of this resource is to provide an overview and perspective on Asian children and their families including, their health status, health needs and the socio-cultural issues affecting Asian children’s health in New Zealand. The resource offers a general guide with strategies on how to be culturally effective and responsive to Asian families when caring for their children.

The aim of the resource is to help health providers to:

  • Gain an understanding of the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed for culturally competent practice when working with Asian children and their families.

  • Be more aware and have more knowledge of the cultural practices and beliefs of Asian families in respect to birth, postnatal care, health and illness, child disability, child and adolescent mental health, grief and death and dying and the impact of these on providing healthcare services.

  • Gain skills to work effectively and broach sensitive issues with CALD children and families.

  • Apply cultural assessment tools in practice.

  • Know how to find and use resources to work with CALD children and families.

The resource contains research materials, useful cultural assessment tools and tips and case scenarios to enhance understanding. It is only available in PDF format.

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Recommended background learning for this resource:

This resource complements the CALD Cultural Competency Training Programme. It is expected that readers of this resource will:

  1. Have completed CALD 1: Culture and Cultural Competency.

  2. Additionally, it is highly recommended that the readers of this resource will:

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Published: March 2017, by Waitemata District Health Board, eCALD® Services.

Authors: Dr Sharon Wong, Dr Bobby Tsang, Dr Annette Mortensen and Sue Lim

Suggested citation: Waitemata DHB, eCALD® Services (2017). Caring for Asian Children: Culture and Health - A Resource for Health Providers. Auckland: WDHB, eCALD® Services.

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