In this section you will find:

  • Cross-Cultural Resources: Resources with additional researched cultural-topics not covered in detail within the CALD courses. The aim of these resources (which are not courses) is to further increase cultural awareness, knowledge and skills of learners / viewers.

  • Translated Information: Brochures / information translated into multiple languages including healthcare system and general health information (e.g. ACC, Diabetes, Mental Health) which could be useful for CALD patients / clients / families. You will also find some communication tools and other useful New Zealand sites that publishing translated information as well.

  • Publications: A list of publications relating to Asian, Middle Eastern, Latin American and African populations, health needs, cultural competency approaches, model of care, service development, demographics, evaluation, and more.

  • Research Commentary: A list of commentaries on research, relating to Asian, Middle Eastern, Latin American and African population health and CALD groups, downloadable from international or national libraries or websites or from our website.

  • Migrant and Refugee Services: A list of CALD migrant and refugee health and social support services in the Auckland Region, compiled by the Northern Region Alliance Ltd Asian, Migrant and Refugee Health Project Manager and Asian Health Support Services as part of a stocktake of services.

  • Cultural Competence Assessment Tools: List of tools/checklists for self-assessment of one's own level of cultural competence.

  • Festive Calendar: A calendar of festive dates for Asian and MELAA groups in the current year with brief descriptions about each event.

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