The eCALD® Online Forum is only accessible by eCALD® members. You cannot register for the Forum directly.

Note: ‘eCALD® Members’ refers to users who have registered and been approved after registering and enrolling for an eCALD® course.  A user who has been approved for an eCALD® course enrolment will automatically be registered in the eCALD® Online Forum, and will be assigned the same login username and password for the forum.

Click to enter the ForumPurpose:

  • The Forum is a place for eCALD® members to post questions to trainers regarding eCALD® training

  • We recommend that you access the Forum while undertaking an online eCALD® course

Forum Rules:

Forum postings will be moderated to ensure they adhere to the forum purpose.

  • Postings are NOT meant for urgent service referrals or urgent enquiries

  • Inappropriate responses to postings will be deleted


  • Please contact CALD Admin for Forum login issues or for any queries during business hours


We will respond to postings or queries within 5 working days. We do not accept urgent forum queries.

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