eCALD® Development

Initial Development of CALD Courses

  • Created CALD Cultural Competency face-to-face courses for working with patients for Waitemata DHB workforce [2006] using evidence-based and pedagogical approach

  • Created Cross-Cultural Resource for working with CALD clients [2006]

  • Secured MoH funding and extended courses to primary health, secondary health, and health and disability NGOs in the Auckland region and to develop an e-Learning system for CALD courses [2009]

Development of an LMS, Online Courses and Toolkits

  • Created the CALD Learning Management System to enable e-Learning [2010]

  • Developed nine CALD “Courses for Working with Patients” (available online and face-to-face) and three “Courses for Working in a Culturally Diverse Workplace” (face-to-face only) [2010-2013]

  • Developed seven supplementary resources - online toolkits to provide more culture specific information [2011-2015]

  • Adapted online courses and resources for iPads to increase e-Learning options [2012-2015]

  • All courses approved for CME, CNE and MOPS accreditation

Creation of a New Website

  • MoH funding provided via the Northern Regional Alliance (NRA) to expand provision of CALD Courses nationally to all health professionals working for primary health, secondary health, health and disability NGOs and the MoH [2015]

  • Created a new responsive website to improve access for CALD resources on any internet browser or device type (computer, tablet or mobile phone). was launched in March 2015 for visitors to:

    • access information about CALD courses and online resources

    • login or enrol for online and face-to-face CALD courses

    • access information about migrant and refugee services, CALD related publications, and translated information for patients and families

Where to?

  • National roll-out of eCALD® from 28th August 2015 for all District Health Boards

  • Staged roll-out in 2016 to primary health and health and disability NGOs outside of Auckland region

  • Ongoing development and improvement of CALD courses and online resources

  • Working with Auckland University to provide CALD courses for medical students

  • International interest to adapt CALD courses or link to eCALD® website